Specific RAPID, EASY, EXACT software for SOLIDWORKS


IVMEKA Business Solutions Software develops specific programs for SOLIDWORKS using our experience about the way from computer-aided design to manufacturing. Our team consists of certified SOLIDWORKS specialists and senior software developers. Our core business is simplifying and accelerating the tasks which are encountered and repeated by CAD users frequently. All of our products are configured and developed based on three principles, RAPID-EASY-EXACT which also frame our evolution. The main aim here is minimizing waste of time and focusing on qualified design and manufacturing. Our standard solutions serve wide features and capabilities to satisfy the changing needs of customers. In addition, we generate custom solutions for companies on special requests. IVMEKA is here to satisfy the needs of customers and be their perpetual Software Ally.

IVMEKA : SOLIDWORKS Certified Solution Partner


IVMEKA is the only Turkish software company which obtained authorized solution partner certification by SOLIDWORKS Corporation. Thus, it has been certificated that IVMEKA provide reliable solutions with professional softwares. With the world-class accredited programs, IVMEKA has authority for developing softwares and marketing not also in Turkey, but also all over the world.

IVMEKA : ERP Integration, Implementation, Custom Solutions for SOLIDWORKS


IVMEKA , especially for SOLIDWORKS, offers services which are design and project, improvement of the design processes, from entry-level to professional level trainings for end-users. Our experienced team at your service with onsite and remote support services while you have increased workload for delivering your job on time.


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SOLIDGUN: Automatically converts DXF,DWG of Sheet Metal designs

DWG/DXF’s of Sheet Metal desIgns wIll be prepared more rapIdly.

SOLIDGUN, converts the all sheet metals in a product to DWG/DXF automatically. It finishes the process in couple of minutes while an experienced SOLIDWORKS user completes it in hours. It also generates a report about possible mistakes.

  • Configuration Choice
  • Multiple file additions
  • Quick Work
  • Merging all DXF/DWG’s in one.
  • Technical drawing view addition
  • Separation of folders by material and thickness.

SOLIDBOM: Manages Components & Gives Advanced BOM Reports

Manage your all components easIly, and get advanced BOM Reports

SOLIDBOM offers you a detailed report with all real part pictures of a product/assembly. By the oppurtunity of report customization, you can generate every list you desire. SOLIDBOM meets with the needs with the flexible structure which can be adjusted according to the firm by working automatically. Lightens the transition to file and producy management systems.

  • Filtering the solid, sheet and profile bodies.
  • Arranging all features of part and assembly easily.
  • Working in all computers.
  • Integration with ERP/ Accounting programs.

SOLID-K: Change K-Factors rapidly

Change K-Factors only one-clIck

SOLID-K provides to you easily change K-Factor values in all files with one-click. It searches all sheet metal components in assemblies and finds&replaces k-factor values.

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ISV Certified Desktop & Mobile Workstations


Continue your design, production and calculation processes in high speed, with ISV certificated desktop and mobile work stations.

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