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ERP Integration


We simplify and overcome the communication problems in Integration between SOLIDWORKS and ERP Systems, “double way with one click”. Also we prevent manual mistakes resulting from data entries that must be repeated by managing and tracking the data flow between CAD and ERP Systems.

Specially developed for our customers this module, automatically collects the information that needs to be sent, transfers to the ERP system in one step and quickly brings all up-to-date information from the ERP system “Double way with one click” module works full synchronised.


We implementate and redesign your EPDM systems and save your EPDM investments from being wasted. we suggest the most suitable model for you by identifying your needs realistically and exactly. IVMEKA brings you money-saving solutions by epdm systems tailored to your company's processes

Custom Services

When packaged programs cannot meet your needs we offer you the most practical and user friendly solutions will accelerate your business without disturbing your existing processes. Always being your most reliable supplier to develop Custom Software is one of our basic principles

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